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For discussions about implementing OpenLMIS


For discussions about modifying OpenLMIS’s source code

Technical Committee

The OpenLMIS Technical Committee’s purpose is to “build the product the right way.” This group meets regularly to address issues of overall system architecture; setting clear standards for code quality, contributions and feature performance; encouraging contributions and evaluating contribution maturity; technical review of proposed features; and determining which features and code are allowed into the global product.

Product Committee

The OpenLMIS Product Committee works to “build the right (correct) product.” The Product Manager works on day-to-day operations related to the roadmap, requirements, and incorporation of features into the product. The Product Committee reviews direction, updates the OpenLMIS backlog as needed, shares information regarding implementations and their relevance to the OpenLMIS platform, and decides what work from implementations should be incorporated back into OpenLMIS.

Governance Committee

The OpenLMIS Governance Committee provides leadership to the OpenLMIS community by defining community processes, leading fundraising and advocacy efforts, and building a sustainable community.

Forum Feedback

Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.