Agenda Teaser- Governance Committee March 12th meeting

Hello all,
We have an interesting agenda lined up for our next Governance Committee call. The full agenda is available here on our wiki but here are some highlights:

  • We are giving away money! Yes, its exciting. We now have funds available to provide OpenLMIS Study tours to MoH and Trusted Partners to cultivate new implementation opportunities. I am requesting your help to review this OpenLMIS Study Tour concept note which we will discuss in our meeting. Please take a few minutes to review it prior to the meeting so we can have a meaningful discussion
  • We will hear an update and have a short discussion with the Resonance Team regarding their process of exploring new business models for OpenLMIS
  • Heads up! I will be attempting to update our Opportunities Trello Board in our meeting, so Trusted Partners please plan to provide (very brief/informal) updates on any pending RFPs or business opportunities that you are exploring

If anyone has other agenda items that they would like to suggest, feel free to let me know any time. I look forward to our meeting next week!

Best to all,