Allow for requisitions to be filtered by their status

Dear Community,

We’re working on Angola implementation for OpenLMIS, and we’re going to add a possibility to filter requisitions by their status. This filter will be added to all other filters on ‘Requisition View’ screen, as on the screenshot:

We think that this feature might be useful for other implementations as well, so we’re thinking about adding it directly to the Core. What do you think about this idea? Would this feature be useful for you or we should just do this for Angola?

Best Regards,
Oskar Hinc

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We had discussed implementing this in the core previously, and I think it would be ok to add.

This looks straightforward and useful to all, thanks for writing it up.

Agreed, this seems like it would be generally useful and worth the time to incorporate into core.


thank you for responding to the topic. We’ve created a copy of the ticket in core Jira project: OLMIS-6315.
The change was rather easy and we’ve delivered a pull request already which is ready for review:

Best regards,
Mateusz Kwiatkowski