CI Game on Jenkins


We recently installed Ci game plugin on Jenkins. It is a fun game counting points for failing and passing tests for each master-branch committer.
For each build the game calculates, according to the rules, the number of points that it is worth. It's turned on in all 3 re-architecture builds.

  • +1 point for
    each new test that passes
    / each checkstyle issue fixed

  •     -1 point for for each new test failures / each checkstyle issue added
  • +1 point
    for doing a build with no failures (unstable builds gives no points)

  • -10 points for breaking a build

  • 0 points for breaking a build that already was broken

    To see who is winning the build game, there is a leader board that is shown on the front page:

    Good Luck, Have Fun and keep your code clean!