Community Manager Transition Plan

Dear OpenLMIS Community,

As you all know, there are many community projects and activities underway from organizing an OpenLMIS community meeting to continuing to keep up on a multitude of advocacy efforts (responding to emails, conducting demos, cultivating opportunities and more). You may be asking yourself how are we going to continue with Tenly’s upcoming departure. Given the current discussion to define the long-term sustainability plan and the time crunch of deliverables, VillageReach has decided to temporarily utilize an internal VR resource to back-fill priority projects and activities that the Community Manager (Tenly) was leading.

We are excited to introduce
Rebecca Alban
to the OpenLMIS community. She 10 years of experience in public health program management, implementation, and capacity development. Prior to VillageReach, she worked for another OpenLMIS community member, JSI! She has hands on working experience in supply chain logistics, TB, HIV/AIDS, PMTCT, family planning, and community health. We are still working on the hand-off internally and will update the community with more information soon on how we plan to continue delivering on the current Community activities and efforts underway. In the meantime, you will start seeing Rebecca’s name pop up and chime in on community activities.

Transition is challenging but also provides us with an opportunity to change behaviors or reflect on how we do things. We are working closely with Tenly to define the priority projects and ensure that Rebecca or current team members can successfully pick things up and carry them forward. We will circulate more information soon so it is clear who the point of contact is for the various activities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns, questions or ideas on how we can improve the transition process.

More information to come soon as we are quickly trying to figure out the best way forward given the resource constraints and timing.

Thanks you for your support and patience.

Mary Jo

Mary Jo Kochendorfer

OpenLMIS Product Manager

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