Consolidated notifications


We’re working on Consolidated notifications, that aim to reduce the number of e-mails as they will be consolidated by more meaningful notifications.
Based on the requirements (which you can find here: ) two approaches have been created, but we decided to act in accordance with the first approach (“Consolidated message”), whose description and scheme of action can be found here:

Thanks to consolidated notifications, the user will receive a message at a chosen time, instead of many messages a day. The message will contain information such as how many requisitions are waiting for approval. The user will be able to choose which notifications they want to receive, and whether they receive them at all.

I would like to collect feedback from You, what are your feelings and expectations regarding notifications, as well as the approach chosen by us. We would be very grateful to know what your thoughts are.

Feel free to post any suggestions regarding the linked document.

Best regards,

Joanna Szymańska