Continued Discussion on Governance

Dear Governance Committee,

Apologies for going back to the Governance Committee discussion item, but I did not want to interrupt the discussion around branding and the larger issue of integrity of the OpenLMIS brand to ensure quality, shared value & reuse, etc. I also wanted to congratulate that a sub-group is thinking through revisions to be presented before our next call. Issue of transparency remains an important one and will help us achieve our collective goals for OpenLMIS.

I wanted to raise another point that I was not able to raise with the group around the importance of Trust in addition to Transparency. I believe this is critical for an effective and honest committee of community members. Our community is young and evolving with recent membership of Ona. I wanted to acknowledge how important the governance committee is as a place to raise tough discussions around business opportunities, future growth and managing different perspectives. I also want to acknowledge the power dynamics that exist with BMGF and USAID as donors and principal funders of OpenLMIS and key technical members developing the software and implementing (current and new) across countries that principle receive funding from the two agencies. It sounds like the sub-group of committee members will bring forth next month improvements to our charter but also want to raise the importance of culture and it is our intentions and efforts to create the culture for OpenLMIS community.

There are no specific asks except that we continue to use this committee as the forum to raise tough issues and to call out if we are not creating the space to have these discussions. We had agreed to reflect and improve the governance committee and I see the February monthly call as an opportunity to continue this evolution.

We also need to work collectively on how to continue to position OpenLMIS the solution, community and value for success and what that pathway should be to achieve it. Looking forward to productive discussions with everyone in 2018 to advance the above points.

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Subject: Reminder: Governance Committee call tomorrow (1/23)

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the January OpenLMIS Governance Committee call is tomorrow, January 23, at 7:00 AM PST.

Draft agenda:±+RESCHEDULED+from+January+16

Please let Carl or I know if you have any revisions or additions to the agenda.

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