Continuing discussion about reporting platform docker configuration containers from Technical Committee Call

Hi Josh,

You mentioned a docker configuration process that we should consider for the reporting repositories. Here are the major points I took away from today’s Technical Committee Call:

  • We should use stock community supported docker containers where possible (outlined for each repository in the document)

  • These docker containers may have multiple purposes for OpenLMIS. For example, Nifi may be used to both in the reporting stack and in the demo data loading process by different owners.

  • (Please verify) We should focus on configuring the docker containers at runtime, not publishing preconfigured containers. This would allow implementers to version control the docker container configurations and ultimately improve the flexibility (reduced forking).

You shared a structure where we could create a configuration docker container, but I didn’t understand that compared to creating bash scripts or something else. Can you define your vision there?

Thank you,