COVID-19: What else can the OpenLMIS Community do to respond?

Hello all,
We have already seen the enormous impact that COVID-19 has had on supply chains around the world; commercial and health-related. As the virus starts to spread more rapidly into Africa we expect that there will indeed be supply interruptions (particularly for PPE and tests) and that we should help our country-based partners ramp up plan for this eventuality. As an open source community with a focus on supporting country counterparts, we want to do all that we can to support with this unprecedented situation.

OpenLMIS is responding by supporting OpenLMIS countries to optimize their use of the software to encourage good supply chain management of COVID supplies. We are currently conducting country outreach to ensure users know how to quickly:
• Add new Products
• Initiate emergency Requisitions
• Configure and manage inventory of Kits (anticipating the need for COVID kits)

The OpenLMIS core team will prioritize any configuration or work related to these functions. I expect that future product committee meetings could be used to share lessons across countries to see how they are preparing their supply chains for COVID.

Here is a compilation of other related supply chain resources that we recommend for dissemination among partners:

We hope this update is helpful but also want to HEAR FROM YOU with further suggestions of how OpenLMIS can contribute more to the global response efforts. Please respond to this message with any suggestions you have or information that you would like to see.

Best regards,