Creating lot codes to the products added via UI

Hello everyone,

I’ve received an issue from Mozambique implementation that they cannot add lot codes to the products which have been created via UI (which is now available for few implementations). After the investigation, I noticed that the lot codes can be created only for the products which are identified as trade items. There is no way to add this identifier to the product using UI. For now, this issue can be gotten around by adding new products using seed-tool but it isn’t the user-friendly solution.

Our propose to fix this issue:
A back-end change which would depend on checking if the product, to which we want to add lot codes, is identified as a trade item. If not, the trade item identifier will be added to this product.

Have you got other idea how this issue can be fixed? Please, let us know.

Resolving this issue in the near future is quite important because more and more implementations start to use the lot codes.

Let us know if you have any questions about the above.

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@joshzamor Do you have any ideas regarding this one?

Thanks @nlaskowska and @dbienkowska,

Are we trying to make this managed through the UI? Or trying to add lot-codes to Commodity Orderables?


Hello Josh,

Now, in few implementations users can add lot codes to the trade items through the UI but there is an oversight:
create products (implemented) → identify product as trade item/manage trade items (not implemented) → add lot codes to the trade item (implemented)
This causes that users can add lots only for trade items which can be added to OLMIS using seeding tool and our idea was to check if orderable is identified as trade item (when user wants to add a lot code to this product) - if not the trade item should be added to this orderable.

I can see you mentioned managing trade items via UI. Would you prefer to enable user to manage trade items via UI? Ex. “Trade Items” screen in the Administration panel?


Hi @joshzamor. Could you please let us know what do you think about those two approaches that Nikola suggested? So the first one is to add trade items to orderable if it doesn’t exist and user tries to add lot and the second one is to manage trade items via UI.


Hello @joshzamor. Could you take a look at this issue once you’re back?