Defining Working Data

Hello PC and specifically those managing an implementation of OpenLMIS (any version).

First, friendly reminder we have a meeting tomorrow. Draft agenda here:

Second, could each implementation please provide the average working data your implementation currently supports or needs?

Wiki page:

We are looking to define working data for the requisition workflow/service for the following four profiles. Each profile will have a set of system specs and general working data (example, programs they have access to, products (full supply factoring in FTAPs, non-full supply), facilities they supervise, etc.)

User Profiles:

  • N Program Supervisor (Supervisory level and there can be more than one)

  • District Storeroom Manager (District level)

  • Storeroom Manager (facility level) – there may not be a need for this if current implementations are not leveraging an online OpenLMIS version at the Health facility level.

  • Warehouse Clerk (Regional or National)

Additional data:

  • On average, how many requisitions are waiting for approval at a time (program supervisor navigates to the approve screen)?

  • On average, how many orders are waiting for conversation on the convert to order screen?

  • On average, how many orders are converted at the same time?

Please feel free to send this information to me directly or in a comment on the wiki page.

Mary Jo Kochendorfer

OpenLMIS Product Manager

CELL/WhatsAPP: +1.612.703.5034

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