Definition of Done tracking in Jira issues starting this week

Hello everyone,

starting this week the Definition of Done is added automatically to all of the Jira tickets that are in the development sprint and are marked as in progress. Depending on the issue type (bug vs others) an appropriate checklist is added, similar to below

The ticket cannot be moved to Done until all items on the checklist are checked off - there’s a validator that prevents this.

The goal of those changes is to make sure nothing is forgotten or left behind and that the quality of what is delivered doesn’t degrade.

If certain DoD points don’t apply to the specific ticket (e.g. there was no code development involved) the item should be checked off with “N/A” status.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know in case of any questions or issues with this solution! There’s also a dedicated topic about updates to our stale DoD and recent updates - Rusty Definition of Done updates if you have any suggestions about the Definition of Done itself, feel free to post there.

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