Desired Stock Management workflow on FTAP updates

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to quickly confirm how we think Stock Management should handle Stock Cards for the products that had their FTAP entry (support at the facility/program) removed.

If an FTAP entry ever existed for the product, there’s a chance it has a related stock card and there could be stock movements for that stock card. If support for this product is removed though, I think we should:

  • Guarantee the read access works fine (see Stock Card and all related stock movements)
  • Accept any stock events for the stock card (there can be outstanding requisitions / PoDs for this product)
  • We don’t need/should not display the product anymore in physical inventory
  • We don’t need/should not allow issue or receive for the product

Does that sound OK to everyone or should anything above work in a different way when an FTAP is removed?


Hey all,

here’s a quick follow-up on what I’ve managed to discover.

The latest ticket that I found and that talks about Stock Mgmt flow with FTAPs seems to be: To recap what the ticket is saying is that physical inventory, receive and issue screens should only show FTAPs + all of the products that can fill for those products as per “/orderableFulfills” endpoint.

All of the above has been implemented only on the frontend side. This means that physical inventory, receive and issue screens will not show products that don’t have an FTAP entry associated for the given program and facility type. What’s more, draft physical inventory and stock on hand will not show any information about products that don’t have an FTAP entry as well.

Backend part, however, does not validate whether an FTAP entry exists or not. This means that any stock events (also from external services) will be accepted and adequately processed.

It seems a little weird that we can have a stock card with SoH > 0, but it’s not reflected on the Stock on Hand screen for Stock Management. On the other hand, if we only allowed to look at the SoH and not allow any stock movements (issue/receive) and adjustments, it would be a stock card that is kind of “stuck” - you have a certain stock on hand that you simply cannot edit.

Unless anyone feels strongly otherwise, I’d recommend leaving this as-is for now. That is - removing an FTAP means that you are no longer willing to manage this product in any way, and so, it’s no longer displaying anywhere on our UI. Backend support would remain to properly handle incoming events. If the above sounds right, I’d also recommend that we document this somewhere, so it’s easier to understand the current state in the future.