DHIS2 Implementer Guide

A friendly reminder that we hope that some people will be able to review and provide feedback on the DHIS2 implementer Guide. You can either respond with high level comments via email or go through the document in detail.

There are some important conversations around inclusion of LMIS in DHIS2, case studies including openLMIS/MOTECH, etc. and defining of integration versus interoperability. I believe many of us in this community have important opinions and experience to share.

I will be out of town so please remember to email the listserv while CCing Tenly and Sam.

Action Item

· Review the DHIS2 Implementer’s toolkit by Friday. TRACK changes or use COMMENTS. The word documents are available on
(password: OpenLMIS) and attached to the
meeting notes
. Please email Tenly if you have questions or need help uploading documents to confluence or dropbox.

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