Discrepancy between SM screens and reports


We are working now on fixing the bugs concerning the differences of visible products between Stock Card Summaries report and:

  1. Stock on hand screen,
  2. Products available on the Physical Inventory screen.

In these two cases there are less products visible than on the report. These products that are not visible don’t have identifiers. According to our current logic, we are only creating Stock Card Summaries for orderables that are either a Trade Item or Commodity Type. The question is, shouldn’t they also be created for products with no identifiers?
Should we change the logic to display products without identifiers or should all of the products have one of the identifiers and we should add such to our demo data orderables?

Any thoughts?



thanks for posting this, Paulina.

One thing I would like to add is that the difference between the mentioned screens and report is that the report fetches stock cards just by program and facility, whereas the screens filter out orderables which are not trade items nor commodity types.

And here are the mentioned bugs: OLMIS-6720, OLMIS-6574.

We would appreciate your feedback very much.


We found a commit that caused the change in the mentioned logic and based on the ticket description, more precisely the last acceptance criteria, the logic should remain the same.

To sum up, we assumed that the products without identifiers should be displayed on SM screens like in the past (and in the report).