Dispensing Module

Good day

Is there a module to dispense medication at hospital or clinic directly to a patient because I do not seem to have come across this.



Hello Tapiwa,

Thank you so much for reaching out. Currently there isn’t an OpenLMIS module supporting dispensing. Our current approach is to integrate with different a different system to manage dispensing. For example, we’ve built out an integration with OpenSRP to support some dispensing use cases for community health workers. In Zambia, the implementation team has integrated with a system called Facility Edition. OpenLMIS has extensive APIs to support integration with third-party systems which could manage dispensing. Depending on the need, it could integrate with OpenMRS or other Hospital point of service systems. Let me know if you can share more about the use case you are interested in. I can also reach out to other community members to weigh in with their experience. @ibewes may have additional points.