Domain Space Rough Draft

Hi all,

I didn’t get as much time to commit to this as I was hoping (2 full day interviews for the OpenLMIS Community Manager this week), but it’s got all the content from the community meeting and a few other pieces as well.

It makes the most sense for me to create two large buckets - features that are “in” the domain of OpenLMIS and those that are “out”. For those that are in, we can prioritize how soon we want them to be in. For those that are “out” of domain we can decide whether they should be:

  • Achieved by integrating with a big player in the space (i.e. EMRS by integrating with OpenMRS)
  • approached by creating a “lightweight” module for it (i.e. CCE in VIMS)
  • Ignored because they are unimportant
    Open to other ideas. I’ll have an updated copy on the meeting agenda (Nov. 3) before we meet again.


OpenLMIS Domain Space v2.docx (107 KB)


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