Feature Variability Matrix

Hi All -

As discussed on this week’s product committee call, we are working on conducting a full analysis of the extensions and changes that have occurred in the various OpenLMIS implementations to date. This document will serve as a basis for understanding the scope of the re-architecture, and help us scope optimizing the migration path to support existing implementations.

Because so many orgs have been contributing to OpenLMIS (go team!), everyone’s support is needed in completing this analysis. I have sent individual notes to key owners who need to update the spreadsheet (Ashraf, Renee, Brian) to outline what is needed for this activity.

To try to avoid merge conflicts, here are some guidelines for editing the document:

  • To make updates, download the spreadsheet from Jira when you are ready to make edits: https://openlmis.atlassian.net/wiki/display/OP/Feature+Variability+Matrix
  • Add a comment to the Jira page noting when you plan to check the document back in.
  • When you are done with change, drag your save copy with the same file name back onto the same wiki page. The file will automatically upload and a new version will be created.
  • Add a comment to note you’ve added a new version, and that the doc is back available for editing.
    If there are questions about completing the spreadsheet, please give a shout out on the mailing list so everyone can benefit from the Q&A.