Feedback from Call with BMGF

Hi All -

Kevin said you were all interested in feedback from BMGF on the product coordination memo. Unfortunately they didn’t provide too many direct comments. I asked Kevin to send a follow-up note by email cc’ing everyone to see if they have any further written comments.

Anna did ask about how we, as a group, would propose prioritizing the requests. I suggested that, because of the different nature and perspective of our organizations, each org will likely see priorities differently. For example PATH, based on their work, might see integration with an immunization registry as a high-priority, whereas CHAI is hearing significant demand for a stock-management mobile app from it’s country offices. I suggested that instead of a strict prioritization, the product committee would review product requests and run them by a rubric that would be made available to donors. This rubric would include items like “number of countries impacted,” "implements supply chain best practices, " etc. I also emphasized that different donors will be interested in different projects, so again a strict prioritization would not be helpful. They seemed to understand this response. The next step would be for the product committee to develop this rubric and start using it for project evaluation. If you all have different thoughts on approach, please chime in.

The key item we discussed in the meeting was about the 2.0 release and whether countries that are looking for an LMIS solution now should implement on 2.0, or wait for 3.0. We are going to put together a memo on this topic for BMGF and USAID.

Please let me know if you have addition questions.