Fisheye + Crucible

Thanks to Atlassian’s generous open source, we’ve installed the licensed version of Fisheye alongside our JIRA instance. Fisheye provides summary and details views of code repositories. It duplicates a lot of GitHub functionality, but has a strong tie-in to JIRA. Access it via the application link in the upper-left corner of JIRA:


It is strongly tied to Crucible, Atlassian’s code review tool. It is integrated with JIRA, so it is possible to create reviews from JIRA issues, or within Crucible itself. Click on the commits link in the Developer section on an issue, and select the Fisheye/Crucible tab to start a review.

Unfortunately, as it is a server-based app, it cannot share user management with our cloud-based JIRA. If you want an account for code review purposes, you have to sign up and I’ll get you access. OpenLMIS v3 team (VR, Soldevelo): I already created accounts for you, and will send you details separately.