Follow Up: OpenLMIS Re-Architecture Webinar

Good afternoon,

Many thanks to all those who attended the OpenLMIS Re-Architecture Webinar this morning! We had great participation by a variety of community members and received excellent questions and feedback on the presentation. This webinar was the first of planned quarterly webinars for OpenLMIS, which will focus on a broad variety of topics associated with the product, and the community. The next webinar will be held at the end of March.

A PDF of today’s presentation, meeting recording, associated materials, and questions/answers asked during the presentation are all available on the
OpenLMIS Re-Architecture Webinar
page on the
OpenLMIS Wiki.
As a reminder, you can sign up to participate in any of the Committee Google Groups (Governance, Technical, Product) by visiting the OpenLMIS Community page and clicking on the appropriate link.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with further questions or feedback, either to me directly, or to

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