Follow-ups from today's Governance Committee call

Hello all,

Thanks for your participation in this morning’s call and for your valuable input into our conversations.

First, I wanted to first share an updated link to the new Trello board, which is tracking our community/steward conversations that we are having with other organizations related to strategic or product-related partnerships with OpenLMIS. The Community Opportunities Trello Board can be accessed in this link.

Second, as Carl mentioned in our meeting this morning, we would highly value your feedback in our new Trusted Partner Expression of Interest Checklist. This document is intended to serve two purposes: 1) help us to assess new partners as they request to join the community, and understand their potential areas for contributing 2) As a tool to map out the skills and capacity of our different partners so that we can identify skills gaps in our community (and eventually fill them!). So please do take a look at this and feel free to add comments and/or suggest items to add, delete, reword, etc.

As always, we appreciate your time, feedback and contributions to this important work!

Best to all,