FW: [iaphl] RFI- Logistics & Health Management Information Systems Solutions in El Salvador

Hello everyone,

Many of you likely saw this post from Ashley Canchola of Americares on the IAPHL forum today. I have been working closely with Ashley and her team to develop this RFI and shape their thinking around an LMIS project in El Salvador. Ashley has been participating in many of the OpenLMIS Governance Committee calls, and their organization has been very appreciative of the direction and assistance of the OpenLMIS Community.

Ashley asked that we circulate this opportunity within the Community to determine the best course of action for responding to the RFI. Please refer to the posting on openlmis.org for full details of the RFI: http://openlmis.org/rfi-logistics-health-management-information-systems-solutions-el-salvador/

The OpenLMIS core team has reviewed this opportunity in addition to holding a few exploratory conversations with Americares on their preferred system(s). Because of the inclusion of patient registration and pharmacy requirements in addition to supply chain, mobile stock management, and patient data elements, they are leaning toward a DHIS2 + Bahmni + OpenLMIS + OpenSRP implementation – something along the lines of an E2E solution. While the coordination of so many systems sounds daunting on paper, I think this lines up well with the recent
meeting held in Seattle.

I would like to start a discussion here on our interest as a community in responding to this RFI and coordinating a response. Please respond if you have thoughts on their requirements or are interested in playing a role in this potential implementation.

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Subject: [iaphl] RFI- Logistics & Health Management Information Systems Solutions in El Salvador

Greetings IAPHL Community,

Americares is a health-focused relief and development organization bringing medicine, medical care and health programs to people affected by poverty or disaster. Responding to the needs of our local partners and the communities they serve, our work addresses health themes including health systems

strengthening. We are currently looking for information on what type of open LMIS and HMIS solutions exist to use with our partners in El Salvador. Please see the attached for more information and email me with any follow up questions. Warm Regards, Ashley Canchola