Gap Analysis Prioritization: Due by Sept 7

Hello Product Committee,

As we discussed in the meeting on Tuesday (notes), I’d like to request that members provide their prioritization of the Gap Analysis features (here ). The background on these specific features and the project as a whole is here . As a reminder, we are only looking at a slice of features. This list is NOT all the work the OpenLMIS team will be working on in the future. As a reminder, we decided to NOT prioritize the reports at this time, which means there are only 24 of features to read through.

As you review the features, please let me know if you have questions or need further clarification. The more you ask the more we can include in the descriptions. Some of the features are not completely defined and will require some level of uncertainty when casting your vote. As a reminder, we are still thinking though how the priorities will be ranked across the respondents. The initial draft priorities were set by the JSI teams in Tanzania and Zambia. Their votes will still play into the final prioritization but we now need wider feedback from the community.

The following list is a first draft of individuals who are responsible for inserting in the priorities from their organization’s perspective. The individual may delegate to another or decide to work with a group. Please contact me if you have questions or would like further clarification.

JSI Global - Ashraf

PATH Global - Amanda

Chemonics - Parambir

VillageReach - Mary Jo

CHAI - Gaurav

Malawi - Christine

Mozambique - Dercio

Others? Americares? Please let me know if you are willing to participate or if you know of another person we should reach out to.

Please vote by September 7th.

The community is only as strong as its members. Please participate and reach out if you don’t see your organization accounted for and would like to help us with weighing in with your perspective and priorities. The outcome of this will be a recommended prioritization to the Governance Committee.

Much appreciated,

Mary Jo