GAVI/GF RFI: OpenLMIS Submission

Hello Product People,

Per discussion on the PC today, I wanted to start this topic to solicit support in compiling the OpenLMIS community response. Please respond to the discussion with the following information:

  1. Are you interested in supporting the community OpenLMIS response? If so, please let me know.
  2. Do you have any questions we should raise to GAVI/GF procurement team to clarify the RFI? If so, what?

Relevant information
Original RFI:
OpenLMIS Response:
Important Dates:

  • Issue Date: November 29, 2018
  • RFI dead line to submit questions December 13, 2018 (13:00)
  • RFI Closing Date: December 20, 2018 (17:00)
  • Shortlisting of Vendors/Solutions January 31, 2019
  • Use case demos for shortlisted vendors to be determined Q1, 2019
  • RFI Response Submission Address: Refer to URL for GF Sourcing Application

FYI @Taliesin_Brian, @Ashraf_Islam, Simon

Yes, I am happy to support a community response to the RFI. I would like to understand more about the context with which GAVI/GF are approaching this, and to what extent they are interested in supporting existing or planned LMIS implementations in-country (specifically, Angola).

For context, PSM Angola has had a few brief conversations with GAVI about using OpenLMIS to support vaccine distribution throughout Angola. I have requested further meetings to discuss their requirements, timelines and level of support but we are waiting on commitment from GAVI to these requests.

I will work on some questions for you to include and/or discuss further.

Finally, when will we meet to discuss prior to submission?

Thanks Simon. Below I’ve listed out some of the next steps.

Next Steps:

  1. We will submit clarifying questions (listed here) by December 10th. Based on the comments from @sdean and @Gaurav_Bhattacharya I believe the BIGGEST open question is if the OpenLMIS community can submit one response on behalf of ALL community members (Chemonics/PSM, PATH, JSI, VillageReach, CHAI, etc.) or if each organization must submit a response. Please add your questions to the google doc and I will submit on December 10th.

  2. We can start drafting our response (here)
    2.a. @ibewes has started to work on the System Requirements section.
    2.b. Please review the Annex A and let me know which sections you’d be willing to support on. I have left comments and anyone is welcome to chime in. There are some on project profiles which I think folks from JSI could help with.

  3. Once we hear back on the question about one submission or if each organization has to submit. If we can submit one, Rebecca and I can submit on behalf of the community using the info@openlmis email which all trusted partners have access to via the forum. I have requested an ID from the procurement team.

If folks are willing, we can schedule a call next week to discuss how to start drafting responses in more details. Please let me know if you are able to meet at any of the following times:

  • Dec 10 (Monday) at 6:00am Pacific / 9:00am Eastern
  • Dec 11 (Tuesday) at 6:00am Pacific / 9:00am Eastern
  • Dec 12 (Wednesday) at 6:00am Pacific / 9:00am Eastern

I am in DC next week so I apologize for the inconvenient times. I can also hold multiple calls if times don’t work out.

Monday Dec 10 at 9 am works best for me.

Hi @pdowling, I didn’t hear back from others so perhaps the two of us could check in. I think there are some sections you could help us get started with. My skype is maryjo.kochendorfer.vr. Let’s connect at 9:00am on Monday.

Hi Mary Jo - is it possible to push this back to 9.30?
Sorry for any inconvenience

@pdowling, that should work. Is there a number I can call you at? Feel free to email me the number directly. I realize that a phone call will most likely be easier for me than skype.

Mary Jo

you can try either me direct office number or my cell - see below
My skype name is dowlingpaul

@Mary_Jo_K, I added one suggestion in the google doc.

Also, I want to strongly support a community/consortium response. It can also include integrated/connected tools (like the SIGLUS Android application and/or Facility Edition). These are tools that are part of the OpenLMIS family, and it will greatly help reviewers to get one consolidated view of this ecosystem.

Finally, I have a suggestion about how we handle features that are not (yet) in OpenLMIS. I think it’s worth mentioning when a feature is on our roadmap, and even linking to the JIRA ticket or wiki page where we are collecting requirements for a feature. Then people reviewing or using the our GAVI/GF RFI response later in the future will know where to go to participate in the conversation and advocate for the features they consider important.

Thanks for organizing our community for this very important RFI!

-Brandon, VillageReach

Hello everyone,
We have the supplier ID and I have submitted questions. I will be sending out requests for information on Monday. Deadline is Dec 20th UTC timezone so we should aim to complete the response by the 19th.

@brandon - great ideas and yes we will to include all the integrated/connected systems as a part of our response.


Hello all,

First, a quick update for everyone regarding our next steps and timeline for this submission:

Monday 17th: Trusted partners and other contributors to submit requested information by COB
Tuesday18th: Rebecca & Mary Jo to pull together and finalize our response
Wednesday 19th: Draft will be circulated for community review and feedback
Thursday 20th: submit final draft

Second, a special request for information from our Trusted Partners for this proposal:
*GAVI wants to know who from our partner organizations has either;

  1. staff with ‘‘industry recognized supply chain certifications’’
  2. staff with ‘‘ability demonstrate sound and practical understanding of public sector supply-chain systems and processes, especially in the context of the international development/humanitarian sector’’

**TPs-**Please respond to this thread on behalf of your organizations by COB Monday indicating if:

  1. your staff have any supply chain certifications (if so, how many, and which ones)
  2. if there are members of your staff with a strong supply chain background, kindly indicate how many, and provide 2-3 sentences describing their experience/qualifications. If no staff are strong in supply chain, that is perfectly find, kindly just indicate ‘no’

Thanks everyone for their support and cooperation in pulling this together!


Rebecca, I’m just seeing this today–thanks for the extra email ping. VillageReach does have staff with supply chain expertise and certifications, so I will see what we can pull together ASAP.

(Note: I’m really glad you emailed, because Discourse does not seem to send every response to email. I just changed my notification settings, and hopefully that will help).

Update: GAVI/GF has responded to the questions submitted on the RFI. Please see this document for the details. Our question on if the consortium can submit one response was answered. They said, “Yes, all partners are eligible to respond to RFPs in future.” See Question 29.

I will be reaching out to folks for review and support next week so we can finalize the OpenLMIS response to the RFI.

FYI @Taliesin_Brian, @Rebecca_Alban, @ibewes, @Ashraf_Islam, @Gaurav, @sdean, @pdowling

REMINDER: All content is due by Jan 18 for submission on the 21st. Response docs are here. Please reach out if you need edit access.

Hello Team,
Everything in yellow within Annex A still needs a response, has a question or I am just not sure what to put in. Please review and let me know if you have suggestions.

Specifically I need support with the following on the response to the RFI.

  1. @Taliesin_Brian and @Ashraf_Islam, do you know what is meant by “Health product availability, SC KPI 6(b) – Malaria/HIV/TB FLDs & Diagnostics”. See tab Supplier Self-Evaluation, C36.
  2. @Ashraf_Islam do you know what “Inventory valuation reports by item by region/district/national level” definition is? Is this current stock on hand within the region based on the price?
  3. @joshzamor, could you weigh on row 80?
  4. Cost, Pricing & Sustainability Requirements section. Does anyone have thoughts on how we can approach this in terms of responding to A, b, c, d, e and the comments?
  5. Documentation Requirements. Per the question on the Product Committee, could anyone provide example documents for the community to leverage or ways we can respond to this piece in a ‘consortium’ way?
  6. Row 197, @Ashraf_Islam or @Taliesin_Brian, what do you think they mean by “Provides automated report distribution facilities”? I’m unclear of what it even means…

After reading all the Q&A it really seems like we need to detail a feature list of OpenLMIS AND highlight the implementation capacities of the community (i.e. track record). If anyone has suggestions on the latter, I would really appreciate support in writing up a narrative on behalf the community. I will start on the feature list and narrative. Thanks!

Mary Jo

Hello folks,

Under the documentation requirements there is a list:

  • Installation guide
  • Maintenance guide
  • System documentation
  • Operating documentation
  • Training documentation
  • User documentation.

Would someone be willing to share what they would consider “operating documentation”? Do others think they may mean documentation that supports an admin in configuring or operating the system? I welcome input!

Perhaps @Taliesin_Brian @ibewes @pdowling @Gaurav_Bhattacharya ??

@brandon mentioned it is the documentation focused on the Admin. Let me know if others do not agree. I will link/respond accordingly. Thanks.

Sorry, Mary Jo. I don’t think we have any of these.

Hi all,

In terms of highlighting the implementation capabilities of our partners in the community, I will be creating a pdf document pulling the exact content from the ‘Meet the Trusted Partners’ page on our wiki.

I have made some tweeks to it to ensure that the information here is presented consistently across all organizations. If anyone would like their information to be edited in any way, kindly let me know by tomorrow (Friday).

Thanks all!

In this context, I also think it is focused on the Admin

Based on the context I’d interpret this along the lines of…
As district supply chain officer, I would like to automatically receive a monthly report of facility stock availability on the 15th of each month, so I am prepared for meetings with the district medical officer and recommend investments in essential medicines.
As a district vaccine officer, I would like to automatically receive a report of facilities who are in danger of running out of supplies before the end of the month, so that I can plan non-routine resupply.