Gavi/GFATM RFI for LMIS software and implementation services (Due December 20)

Gavi Secretariat and The Global Fund have collaborated to develop and release a joint Request for Information for LMIS software and implementation services. The RFI has been posted on both organizations websites:

*Gavi RFIs:
*Global Fund RFIs:

RFI responses will be reviewed by an interagency group, with the plan to have a list of software and service providers to recommend to country programmes by the end of January.

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Thanks for starting this discussion Kaleb!

I’m sure you all have noticed that this RFI structured differently than the RFI’s that we are used to, in that it does not apply to one country in particular, but is rather a review of the software and its service providers as a whole. Being on Gavi’s list of recommended softwares could be a great opportunity for us…

For this particular opportunity, it might make sense to create one proposal on behalf of the community as a whole.

@TrustedPartners–would you be in favor of this approach? What are your thoughts?

Rebecca and Community there are quite a few details in the RFI. After further reading of the RFI, it is unclear to me if we should submit as one community or if each Trusted Partner should submit with OpenLMIS (and including other solutions like OpenSRP or VIMS). If you see the objectives I’ve bolded below it indicates that they want “providers of suitable eLMIS solutions”. I am thinking to submit questions so that we can seek further clarification.

If it is helpful, I’ve pasted some key dates below
Issue Date: November 29, 2018
RFI dead line to submit questions: December 13, 2018 (13:00)
RFI Closing Date: December 20, 2018 (17:00)
Shortlisting of Vendors/Solutions: January 31, 2019
Use case demos for shortlisted vendors RFI Response Submission Address: to be determined Q1, 2019

Objectives of the RFI
Global Fund RFI Invitation Notice (TGF-18-117) 5

  • Inform the composing of an effective country-specific RFPs to acquire eLMIS solutions and implementation services in 2019.

The deliverable of this RFI is a shared list of potential providers of suitable eLMIS solutions and the extent to which they meet minimum requirements. There is no contract award at the end of the RFI process; instead subsequent RFPs and vendor selection processes in 2019 shall be based on the list of qualified vendors. The RFI requires a standardized response based on the vendor’s self-reported evaluation of the eLMIS solutions using a compliance checklist in Annex-A. Global Fund and/or GAVI may request for additional information from the shortlisted vendors prior to the RFP for specific country projects in 2019. Other international funding or donor organizations may also use the list for similar purposes.

In responding to this RFI, respondents shall assume full scale implementation of a national eLMIS solution in developing country-context. Below are tentative objectives for implementing eLMIS solutions in candidate countries

  • Enable SC visibility (access to reliable SC information) and performance monitoring (KPI)
  • Reduce SC cost and the risks of stock-outs and product wastage
  • Optimize SC operations (SC efficiency) and business process integration
  • Improve customer service and reduce workload on staff at all levels Additionally, the eLMIS will support specific sub-objectives under each supply-chain business function. Below are indicative objectives for each core supply chain business function which will be adjusted according to specific country needs:

To follow up, I’ve started the collective response here: GAVI/GF RFI: OpenLMIS Submission