Governance Committee 3/20 and pre-reading

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Just a reminder that the March Governance Committee meeting is tomorrow 3/20 at 7 AM PST. The agenda for the call is
. Please note the time change in the CET and EAT timezones due to daylight savings time in the U.S.

One agenda item for discussion is around the onboarding/application process for new organizations wishing to join the OpenLMIS Community as a Trusted Partner and what the term “trusted partner” means for the Community.

I have put together two rough drafts of these documents for discussion, which have not yet been reviewed by either Core team members or the Community. Please take a few minutes prior to the call to read through these documents and either add comments directly or come prepared to discuss. I have also started a list of open questions on the agenda – feel free to add to the list.

**Applying to be a Trusted Partner with OpenLMIS **

OpenLMIS Trusted Partner

Thanks and looking forward to the discussion tomorrow.


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