Governance Committee Agenda- April 16th meeting

Hello everyone,

We look forward to our monthly Governance Committee call tomorrow, April 16th. We will touch on a number of interesting topics and hear community updates including:

  • Our community continues to grow- welcome to Empower School of Health as our newest Trusted Partner!

  • How does OpenLMIS fit into the new Digital Health Atlas created by the WHO?

  • Discuss and hopefully finalize the process and selection criteria for OpenLMIS Study Tour funding

  • What is our community’s strategy for interoperability?

  • What software features do we want to prioritize after the 3.6 release?

  • Hear an update from the Resonance team on the status of their sustainability work and how they plan to leverage the governance committee as a thought partner in the coming months

The complete call agenda can be found here on our wiki. Looking forward to talking to you all tomorrow!


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Thanks for posting this Rebecca