Governance Committee meeting notes - May 17

Hi all -

Meeting notes from this morning are available on the wiki:±+May+17%2C+2016

Specifically we discussed the re-architecture, focusing quite a bit on migration and upgrade requirements and funding.

We also discussed community charters – I will continue to work on drafting some ideas around charters for the committees, and for the Initiative at large. This may come in the form of two separate charters – any/all input is welcomed.

For opportunities, we briefly discussed integration of OL with electronic patient records systems like Bahmni, conversations that Jake and I had with BAO Systems and Akros around DHIS2 integration with OpenLMIS, and Wendy from JSI Zambia mentioned some ideas around integration of DHIS2 and OL in Zambia.

For the next Governance meeting, it would be great to have someone volunteer as chair to pull together the agenda and facilitate the meeting. If no one volunteers then I will reach out individually. I will not be offering Starbucks gift cards as enticement. :slight_smile:



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