Hot off the Press! 'OpenLMIS Getting Started Guide'

(Rebecca Alban) #1

OpenLMIS Community members,

Happy Friday to all! I am pleased to share a new resource with you today, which will hopefully help us all in our efforts to articulate our OpenLMIS Community work and advocate for expanded OpenLMIS adoption globally. :earth_asia:

  • The OpenLMIS Getting Started Guide is a 4 page guide developed by the steward team to help potential implementers understand our implementation process, and provide insights on what it takes to prepare for and execute a successful implementation. This will be great tool for sharing with MoH staff, donors, and other stakeholders interested in learning more about how we deploy OpenLMIS (it will be posted on our website soon as well) :desktop_computer:

As a reminder, this and other current communications/advocacy pieces about OpenLMIS can be found on this OpenLMIS Marketing Materials page in our wiki. There are brochures, ppt slides, and other documents that can help us all to be outspoken advocates for OpenLMIS. :loudspeaker:

As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback (positive or negative!) about this resource.

All the best,