How long physical inventory drafts should be kept in local storage

Hi all,
We are currently working on offline for physical inventory drafts and we are wondering how long these drafts should be kept in local storage. Imagine the following situation:
User A creates a new draft and is working on it, but does not send it. Then he is away for two weeks. While user A is absent, user B continues working on the draft, saves it and sends it. Upon returning to work, user A enters the physical inventory screen offline and sees a draft that has in fact already been approved and posted.
I think we shouldn’t show our users (in offline mode) drafts older than a certain period of time. Will storing a draft in local storage for two weeks be enough? Or maybe it should only be stored for a week?


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Hi Aleksandra,

I would say that it depends on how long the whole process usually takes. I mean since creating a draft to submitting it. In general, I think the shorter time we store them the better. The storage will be more up-to-date, and such a situation when an offline user after leave is still able to see already submitted (and probably deprecated) draft will not be the case.