How the OpenLMIS COVID-19 Edition can support vaccine rollouts

Hello OpenLMIS Governance Committee members,

I’m writing to share some updates on how OpenLMIS is evolving to be able to support national COVID-19 response efforts. The OpenLMIS COVID Edition enable users to easily track vaccines, PPE, and other COVID-19 products, capturing key data points such as vaccine consumption, stock on hand, and product wastage/expiry. All of this data is packaged into user-friendly graphs and dashboards. OpenLMIS for COVID has all the same features and functionality of OpenLMIS, packaged into a tool that is technically simpler, quicker to deploy, and designed specifically for COVID-related products.

(Here is a sample screenshot of an OpenLMIS COVID Edition dashboard)

The OpenLMIS COVID Edition is ready to support vaccine rollouts now, and is offering a Free Launch Package to get countries started rapidly.

We encourage you to explore our new informative materials and share them with colleagues who might be interested in learning more:

New: Stock Management for COVID Vaccines
New: Report and Requisition for COVID Vaccines

The team and I are standing by to answer any questions that you might have at this stage, and are happy to talk in more detail about what it would take to deploy this tool.

Best regards,

Rebecca Alban
OpenLMIS Community Manager