ICT4D Trip Report

Dear OpenLMIS colleagues,

I had recently the pleasure of attending this year’s ICT4D conference, along with fellow OpenLMIS steward, Wes Brown. The conference took place in Kampala Aptil 30-May 2nd. It brought together a wide range of global development professionals to share practical insights on applying technology solutions to health, agriculture, poverty alleviation, gender equity, environmental conservation, etc.

In addition to attending conference sessions and networking events, OpenLMIS had an exhibitor table where we spent time explaining our software, our community approach and actually demonstrating how the software works on a large plasma screen (see photo below).

Here are a few takeaways to share with the group:

  • Name recognition for OpenLMIS was strong–many folks who work outside of our sector approached us because they had ‘head of us’ but weren’t sure what we do
  • OpenLMIS came across as a valuable open source tool and global good. A number of presentations which focused on interoperability and promoting open standards mentioned OpenLMIS as part of a key package of tools that should ideally work together to connect key data elements in a health system
  • This conference included lots of representation from the food aid and agricultural sectors, where we (and others who visited our stand) noted the overlapping need for these food groups to map their logistical processes. This is an area where OpenLMIS could potentially add value to other sectors (particularly regarding food aid) and we recommend that this be considered in the ongoing sustainability discussions

Here is our full ICT4D Trip Report

Feel free to respond to this thread with any comments or questions that you have related to our conference experience.

Kind regards,
Rebecca Alban
OpenLMIS Community Manager

Thanks for this update! There are some great nuggets in your full trip report linked. Thanks also for mentioning the Resonance opportunity around Food Aid supply chains. Good work folks!