In Person PC Meeting


I forgot to bring up the topic to discuss the upcoming opportunity to have an in-person Product Committee Meeting. This in-person meeting is different from the two day stakeholder meeting Jake is coordinating (draft agenda attached and is under revision based on the Governance call).

We could still try to squeeze in an 1 – 2 hour meeting on Tuesday itself or during one of the conference days. Since most folks will be at the stakeholder meeting, I’m leaning towards scheduling the in-person PC meeting during the conference. We can finalize the date/time on the upcoming PC meeting Nov 1st. If you don’t plan on attending the Nov 1st meeting, please email me with your proposed date/time and topics.

So far we’ve heard recommendations for the following topics:

· Kyle: suggested discussing Budgeting within Stock Management or building a maturity matrix (maturity of existing supply chain and request for complex functionality)

· Kevin: gathering stock management workflows or gathering user personas

It is my understanding that the following people will be in Dar and interested in attending the PC meeting:

  •     Danni
  •     Kyle
  •     Brian
  •     Lakshmi
  •     Shiyu
  •     Anyone from JSI?
  •     Kevin, Dercio, Rachel (and more VR folks)

Let me know if there are others.
I look forward to finalizing the topic, date and participants during our next call on November 1st.

Thank you in advance for your comments and availability information. Also, notes from our call today are here.


Mary Jo

Looking forward to it!

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