Incremantal migration to React

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We’re currently using AngularJS and it will reach end of life at the end of this year.
While working on the mobile app we added possibility to implement parts of the application in React.
We suggest to leverage that and start using React when implementing any new features and pages.
We could also create a new frontend module template using React, so if anyone would like to implement new module they can use React instead of AngularJS.

Please share your thoughts and let us know what you think about it.

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@joshzamor @ibewes @TrevLamb Any feedback on this topic? What do you think about it?

@pmuchowski Thanks for bringing up this topic. As we discussed during our last office hours, this seems like a good approach to take so that we are able to make some progress on resolving this tech debt while not stopping all other development. I would assume that we will also have to start upgrading specific pages separate from any active development but I would hope that we can limit those changes and ensure that we do a large amount of QA prior to the release.

@joshzamor Is this something that needs to be talked about further at a Tech Committee meeting? If so, are you able to schedule a meeting in the near future?

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Thanks @ibewes, @dbienkowska and @pmuchowski,

Sorry for my delay, I just discovered I’d lost access to this account, and regained access (thanks to @ibewes help).

I don’t think we need a technical committee call to approve/reject the general approach - transitioning to React from AngularJS has been talked about extensively over the past few years, and as recently within the past year as part of the PWA work. If the team is still comfortable with it, so too am I.

I think what would be of interest is getting a plan for how the changes will be carried out, and circulating within the community so that everyone knows what’s coming, by when, and get a sense for how it’ll impact them.

Starting from the beginning, the plan. Do we have a software design document, or a higher level architectural write-up yet? I know we had one for the PWA, however I don’t think that covers this change here. If we don’t have a written plan yet, I think that’d be a good place to start, and then that could be brought that to a technical committee meeting to give everyone a chance to review the plan, and ask questions.

@Elias_Muluneh, what do you think?


This popular JavaScript Library is going to be there for long.

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