Input Requested and Brief Update

Hello Product Committee,

Kevin has pulled together the scope for Audit Logging (here ), both for state changes and user activities. Please review and add inputs. Specifically it would be nice to have some example reports for user activities you think we should include based on your experiences. You input is welcomed and encouraged.

I’m currently piecing together the agenda for the next call. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas of topics to share/cover. We have a request to discuss the stock management stories and we aim to do that soon. We won’t have the necessary documentation ready for our next call, but you can take a look at the current work-in-progress state of stories here and specifically on receiving here. More to come soon…

As a reminder, you can take a look at all the stories/epics in progress. We are currently working on quite a bit of foundational work, requisitions service (across four epics), converting orders for export, and starting on the UI.

Development Update

Based on our Sprint 7 showcase, we decided to shorten Sprint 8 and focus on implementing RBAC, the new product model, design work and standing up the reference data as its own service. The sprint will wrap up Thursday and showcase on Friday. I’ll provide more updates during the next call. We are still hoping to have the test environment up by the 20th but due to the shift it may be delayed a bit.

Let me know if folks have any questions.


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