Introduce Yourself!

Some of us know each other. Others, not. Please introduce yourself!

Please feel free to post a picture of yourself, a short greeting, and answers to some or all of the following questions:

  • What office/organization do you work with and where are you located?
  • What version of OpenLMIS and other systems do you work on or with?
  • What tools do you use? (Whatever “tools” mean to you in your position… for a dev this might be your IDE, Git tools, docker tools, CLI scripts, etc)

I have been working in software development for almost 20 years as a developer, designer, architect, and manager. I enjoy working with teams to design high-quality software and utilize devops to simplify development processes.

  • I work for VillageReach on the OpenLMIS project helping to manage the teams and facilitate the technical community. I am currently working from Albany, NY but hope to get back to Nairobi, Kenya soonish!
  • I work with the 3.x version of OpenLMIS but am still learning the system :slightly_smiling_face:.
  • The main tools that I use are IntelliJ, git, Git Kraken, iTerm, OneNote, Todoist, Spark (email), and an absurd amount of Chrome tabs

Greetings all and welcome to our new and improved forum!

I am Rebecca Alban–I have a background in global public health program implementation and management; with supply chain management specifically.

  • I work with the VillageReach OpenLMIS core team as the OpenLMIS Community Manager, and am currently based in Spain
  • I coordinate with our community partners to drive OpenLMIS decision-making, and manage the advocacy and communication efforts on behalf of the community.
  • I do not use many impressive technological tools-- I mainly use email, Skype, Slack, Wordpress, coffee, patience and a bit of charm to get my work accomplished :slight_smile:
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Hello all,

My name is Dércio Duvane, I’m a solutions architect with VillageReach based out in Maputo, Mozambique. My short backgroud is on Software Development and project management for the private industry.

  • My work with VillageReach consists of supporting the local instances of OpenLMIS as well as providing technical insight on tech initiatives to Portuguese speaking countries such as Angola and Mozambique.
  • I’m currently working with a variety of tools being that with OpenLMIS, I’m using v1.5 and v2 (SELV and SIGLUS - in Mozambique) and v3 as prospective new installs and upgrades that might come along.
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Hi! My name is Brandon Bowersox-Johnson, and I represent VillageReach on the OpenLMIS Governance Committee.

  • I work at VillageReach as the Director of Digital Solutions based in Seattle, USA.
  • I mostly work with OpenLMIS version 3, along with integrating other systems and supporting implementation works (such as VillageReach work in Malawi, Angola and Mozambique to implement and support OpenLMIS v3). A percentage of my time is also on the GHSC-TA-TZ (Technical Assistance, Tanzania) project, where eLMIS in Tanzania is a key system and lots of work is happening to strengthen the supply chain and encourage data use.
  • I do not write a lot of code or Git commits these days. (In my previous role as OpenLMIS Software Dev Manager I got more opportunities for that.) So my most-used tools now are Google Slides, Google Docs, and BoardThing! :grinning:


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Hi all!
I am Carl Leitner, I am the Acting Director for Digital Square and am happy to find different ways to support OpenLMIS, advocate for its adoption, and geek out on standards and interoperability.

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Hi all,

I am Kaleb Brownlow and have been working in health systems strengthening with a focuses in supply chain and digital health. I’ve worked across a set of development partners including Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and USAID DC and Haiti.

  • I work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the Vaccine Delivery team and based in Seattle.

  • I am a Program Officer managing an investment portfolio focused on supply chain data visibility and use, digitally-enabled services for immunization, and new models to scale and drive change.

  • I am not a techie so use all the usual tools (email, Google products, MS products, Dropbox, Skype). Excited to learn about new tools to improve productivity and collaboration.

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Hello Everyone!

I am Mary Jo Kochendorfer and I am the OpenLMIS Product Manager.

  • I work for VillageReach in the Seattle office (Pacific Time).
  • I work on version 3 and have some familiarity with version 2.
  • I use all the OpenLMIS communication and documentation tools
    ** Atlassian (JIRA/Confluence)
    ** Discourse and Slack
    ** Google docs, trello, toggl, Microsoft suite
    ** GitHub (lightly)

I look forward to meeting folks and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about the roadmap or functionality. Cheers!

Hi, I am Mahmudul Islam, Managing Director and Technical Lead of SoftWorks. Recently we have become Trusted Partner of OpenLMIS.

I have 20+ years of experience working with software development projects, specially health information systems.
I am based in Dhaka, Bangladesh (GMT+6)
We are currently trying to learn OpenLMIS
Experienced in project management, system analysis, conducting training and development in open source technologies.

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I am Nuran Idris, currently technical lead for the OpenLMIS implementation in Malawi. I work from Lilongwe, Malawi, Souther Africa, Africa :slight_smile:

I oversaw the implementation of version 3.0 and have since upgraded to whatever version is released, at the time of this post, we are working with version 3.4

Tools: Outlook, JIRA, WhatsApp web, Skype, Slack, Google music and About as many tabs as is possible on Google Chrome ! :slight_smile:

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Hello to everyone!

I am Simon Dean, an Australian currently living in Angola. For just over 15 years I have worked across many industries and countries in self-employed, private, public, government and non-profit capacities, working in both business and technical capacities.

  • I currently work for PSM in Luanda, Angola (West Africa Time)
  • We (in Angola) are working towards an implementation of OpenLMIS 3.x in 2019 (final release version TBD)
  • I use whatever tools are available and work best for the job! Most of my life is currently spent in Chrome, Outlook, Office and project documents and Slack when I can, but I have a technical history with Git, Subversion, Python, C/C++, Java, web development, high performance systems, Solaris, Linux distributions, Oracle, MySQL, PostgresQL and always help where I can in these areas (some things you can never let go…)

I have a passion for open standards, frameworks, open-source, performance, and enterprise architecture.

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