Issue with accessing reqisitions api with service account

We have this requirement for the eSwatini project:

We want to check AMC(average monthly consumption) for each stock item and compare it against past requisitions to see if the consumption is less than average.

If the consumption is less then we want to alert the stock managers so they can see why the consumption is low. To do this we need to access all the submitted requisitions to get the average consumption number against each line item.

The problem is that the API for requisitions(/api/requisitions/search) does not allow us to make an API call using the client service account. It requires a user-based token. We get an exception otherwise. We can not use user-based tokens because that will require us to store the password of the user and also we want to access all requisitions(not specific to the user).

What can we do to solve this issue?

For now we have decided to create a user with only view requisition rights for given programs. This allows us to use a fixed user to access this API.