Jan 2019 Meeting- rescheduled for Jan 15th

Hello OpenLMIS Governance folks,

Kindly note that we have decided to push back this month’s meeting by a week. It seems people are still returning from holiday getaways, and we want to ensure that everyone has time to prepare adequately and attend the meeting.

Originally scheduled for tomorrow Jan 8th, the meeting will now be the following Tuesday Jan 15th (same time as usual). The updated meeting invite will be circulated shortly. A link to our draft agenda is below, feel free to send me any other suggested agenda items for inclusion!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!



It looks like we have a long agenda. I suggest either trying to put time limits on topics, or making sure they are in priority order so it’s fine if we don’t get to the lower half.

Also, the interoperability topic is listed twice. And the topic “DIAL and Software Freedom Conservancy” does not have any presenter or info–do you know more about who is leading that topic?

See you all Tuesday Jan 15th! Happy New Year!


Hi Brandon,
Thanks for those suggestions for managing the agenda- I completely agree with them all. We are still cobbling together agenda items and presenters for each topic, so will prioritize items and set time limits once we have that information.

We are hoping to have folks from DIAL and/or the Software Freedom Conservancy join this call but their attendance is still TBD at this point.

Cheers to all,