Key findings of two integrated dashboard pilots in Tanzania and Senegal

Good day OpenLMIS Community,

I wanted to share with you a recent report involving OpenLMIS that you may be interested in.

  • There is growing interest within public health supply chains to incorporate systematic analysis of LMIS data and HMIS data to improve supply chain performance and service delivery leading to a growing need to integrate the associated information systems. This new report from the UN Commission on Lifesaving Commodities reviews the key findings of two integrated dashboard pilots in Tanzania (integration between OpenLMIS & DHIS2) and Senegal (integration between CommCare Supply & DHIS2). These pilots demonstrated the feasibility of routine and automated integration of HMIS and LMIS data to provide a more comprehensive analysis of service delivery systems. As opportunities for such integrations grow across multiple data systems, so does the need for long-term strategies that consider not only technology, but also the people and processes necessary to sustain them. Further use and user input will maximize the potential of integrated dashboards to improve data quality and support routine decision-making.*



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