Kick-off meeting for OpenLMIS Sustainability

Dear all,

From our last Governance Committee, I wanted to reach out about the start of the OpenLMIS Sustainability and Business Plan contract with Resonance. Thanks again for everyone’s inputs to date and for engagement through this process.

Resonance would like to plan a kick-off meeting with the Governance Committee by the end of October. I realize that people are busy but hope that we could find a block of time for the kick-off with Resonance.

  • Week of October 22 (late in the week)

  • Week of October 29 (early in the week)

Focus: Host the whole governance committee for a 90-minute to two-hour call with Seattle-based Governance Committee members in the room. Potentially, those in DC could also sit together if possible.

  • Note that we would likely have a full-day in-person meeting in January at the conclusion of Phase 1

To identify day(s) you would be available please complete this Doodle poll (

Please let me know if you have any questions and I have copied James on this email as well.



**Kaleb Brownlow
**Program Officer, Develop & Scale

Vaccine Delivery, Global Development



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