March 21 Governance Agenda & Feb/March Community Update

Hi everyone,

Please see the agenda for the upcoming Governance Committee call this Tuesday, March 21:

*Note the updated meeting time in CEST and EST timezones, due to the time change in the U.S.

Primary points of discussion for the Governance call:

  • The finalization and approval of the Governance Charter . If you have not yet voted, please see the Charter thread on the Google Group and make your vote in writing by responding to the thread:!topic/openlmis-governance/Pl6adcy55f4
  • 3.1 Scope Prioritization – Mary Jo will be presenting the 3.1 scope as discussed and agreed upon in the Product Committee. We will be using the 3.1 scope prioritization as a proof-of-concept for the discussion and voting process between Product & Governance Committees.
    Also as promised (just a tad late), some Community Updates:

Inquires & Opportunities

  • We’ve been getting a huge number of
    from the Contact and Demo forms on I have already begun making some connections in the community to those inquiries, but please reach out to me if you see an organization or country of interest

  • The Opportunities page has been updated, specifically the
    Large Scale Implementations & Expansions section
    . Again, please reach out if you have questions or would like to discuss an opportunity.

  • No new updates from the Nepal RFI. I will keep the Opportunities page updated and let the community know once we receive a response
    Software Dev

  • Obviously the biggest news is that OpenLMIS version 3 was released on March 2! This release marks a MAJOR milestone for the Initiative, and was a collaborative effort that involved the entire community. Huge congratulations to the OpenLMIS Global Team, SolDevelo and the entire community for your contributions to the new version! Please forward the OpenLMIS newsletter to your networks, and feel free to share links to the 3.0 Release Blog, the 3.0.0 Release Notes, and

  • Two members of the ThoughtWorks China office came to Seattle the week of March 6-10 to conduct a workshop on 3.1 Stock Management development. PATH’s Brian Taliesin also participated. Work included user story writing, technical design and architecture review, prioritization and release planning, etc. The process is transparent and results are available on the wiki.

  • Prioritization workshop for the vaccine module to be held the first week of May – user stories are currently being fleshed out.

  • OpenLMIS was sadly not selected for Google Summer of Code; however, we were selected for the RAILS GIRLS program, and have received some interest from female student coders
    **Communications **

  • The updated OpenLMIS logo package is available – please let me know if you would like access to the full logo package. A “Powered by OpenLMIS” logo is forthcoming.

  • Implementation profiles for Impact Map on A
    draft profile template
    has been developed and will be discussed during the Governance call. We will be identifying those who should be involved with the content development – please let me know if you would like to provide feedback on the current template or content for the profiles.


  • Mary Jo and Tenly are attending the DHIS2 Symposium on March 23-24 in DC.
  • The VAN Reunion will be taking place in South Africa the first week of April – several community members are attending.
  • JSI will be presenting on OpenLMIS at the ICT4D Conference in Hyderabad, India.
  • Tenly and Mary Jo have held some interesting discussions with folks from
    (which has recently gone open source!), Parsyl, and Tableau. We’d be happy to provide details.

Feel free to add anything I have missed or ask questions by responding to this thread.

Warm regards,


Tenly Elizabeth Snow, MS

OpenLMIS Community Manager

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