Materials and reminders from today's Governance call

Hello folks,
Thanks for a great call today! A couple of follow-ups and materials enclosed below:

Here is the OpenLMIS Exploratory Phase slide deck that we walked through today. I pulled out a key visual below of the workstreams we will focus on, and which you can expect updates on in each subsequent Governance call going forward.

exploratory phase workstreams

The below visual depicts our overall timeline trajectory of having 1 year Exploratory phase to set up our Handover Phase to a new partner:
exploratory & handover phase

Also we would like to provide another plug for folks from the OpenLMIS Community to consider participating in the OpenHIE COVID-19 Task Force. Supply chain has been discussed as an important use case and currently is under-represented in the group.
Meetings on Monday 11am Eastern

Regarding the OpenLMIS/CHAI work to create an OpenLMIS COVID instance, I will circulate any written materials which describe the product as soon as possible.

Thanks again everyone for your participation and attention to today’s meeting!
Best to all,