May 21 Governance Committee call- agenda teaser

Hello all,

We look forward to talking to you in tomorrow’s Governance Committee call. You can find our full agenda here on the wiki, but here are a few specific points of interest that will be covered in the call:

  • Status update and planning update from Resonance Team; guidance regarding upcoming webinars to engage the governance committee

  • Presentation from Infinity Systems Africa, a West African tech company, to apply to join the OpenLMIS Community as a Trusted Partner. Check out our full agenda to see their ppt presentation and written expression of interest detailing what skills they can bring to the community

  • Overview of Trusted Partners Declaration- a document that all Trusted Partners will be asked to sign as a show of commitment of OpenLMIS community norms and values

As always, let us know if you have any other suggested topics for discussion to add!

Rebecca Alban
OpenLMIS Community Manager