Meeting Tomorrow and ROADMAP ideas

Hello PC folks,
I’m looking forward to our meeting tomorrow. Draft agenda here:

We will chat about the upcoming 3.5 release and ROADMAP! What do you want to see the OpenLMIS community focus on in the future. Help us with ideas and value propositions so that we can find support and funding to continue building out the features our community needs.

Some questions to get your creative juices running:

  • Working on the Malawi implementation? -> What features do you want?
  • Are you knowledgeable about the systems in Mozambique? -> What features will help create a value proposition for an upgrade?
  • Are you knowledgeable about the systems in Tanzania -> What features will help you create a value proposition for an upgrade?
  • Are you knowledgeable what Angola is interested in? -> What features do you want?
  • Are you knowledgeable about a new implementation? -> What is missing in OpenLMIS?
  • Do you know OpenLMIS? -> What do you want to change or improve?

We want your opinions and ideas. We have a list, let’s make sure your ideas are on it! If you can’t make the call, feel free to respond to this thread and share the ideas you have! Let’s get the discussion going so that we can begin to prioritize.

Mary Jo

Angola - Form Costs
One of the things from the Angola implementation is the inclusion of each line commodities cost and overall summary on the R&R, Orders and stock management forms.

Hi @Mary_Jo_K - List of priorities for Angola:

OLMIS-2013 - Allow user to reverse incorrect historical stock line item ROADMAP / ANGOLA-44 - Allow users the ability to reverse and/or edit a stock movement FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-43 - Create a system alert that notifies when a product is about to expire FEATURE REQUESTS

OLMIS-5665 - Plug-Ins Effect on Physical Inventory ROADMAP

OLMIS-5514 - Allow non-UTF-8 characters to be used in column headings on requisition template configuration TO DO

ANGOLA-36 - Allow for the ability to create a single, aggregated requisition from the facilities or municipalities within the municipality or province retrospectivelyFEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-33 - Allow for the definition of alternatives for the standard AMC and/or calculated order quantity FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-34 - Allow for the ability to see the total order quantities and cost for all the municipality health facilities FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-37 - Create an in-OpenLMIS notification when a requisition is rejected FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-39 - Allow for requisitions to be filtered by their status FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-42 - Create a system alert that notifies users when stock levels are low FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-46 - Allow for the identification of a stock supplier when receiving receipts not connected to a requisition FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-48 - Allow for the ability to create, edit, and disable approved third party suppliers FEATURE REQUESTS

ANGOLA-51 - Allow users to upload and attach documents to an R&R or stock movement to provide justification/explanation. FEATURE REQUESTS

Thanks @Christine_Lenihan and @Dercio_Duvane. If I have questions on some of these features, should I reach out directly or leave questions in the tickets?

Much appreciated. MJ