Need List of Changes/Additions to OpenLMIS

Hi Product Team!

As we work through the re-architecture alternatives, one thing I keep getting asked for is a list of where variation/forks/extensions to OpenLMIS have occurred so far. This information provides good data on where we might expect variation in the future, and is useful for the technical evaluation of how best to implement a modular re-architecture.

Examples of the kinds of variations I’m talking about:

  • Extending budgeting feature to support prices by facility type in Cote D’Ivore (JSI)

  • Integration with NexLeaf Cold Chain Monitoring devices in Mozambique (VR)

  • Addition of bar code library (PATH)

  • Facility edition for Zambia (JSI)

I did a brain dump on the wiki of the variations I know about, but am sure this is not complete. **Could you please go to this list and make any additions? In particular we need updates from JSI and ThoughtWorks. **

I know Kevin will be following-up more on this item in more detail in the coming weeks. The purpose at this point is just to get a high-level list of variations. Thank you for your help!