New Contribution Confirmation

Dear PC,

In the last meeting, I briefly noted a potential contribution back to the core requisition service. The Malawi team brought up the desire to add a new status, “rejected” to the requisition lifecycle. The proposal is below. We also have notes on what impact the change would have.

Please let me know by 6/15 if you have any concerns with the proposed contribution. I see this change as improving usability for the users by providing useful information to users on where the requisition draft is in its lifecycle. Right now the only way to know if a requisition has been rejected is to look into the comments. We believe this change would allow for more clarity of the true state of the requisition. If I do not hear back, we will merge this contribution.

Proposed Contribution:

Add a status to the requisition draft called “REJECTED” (see the following screenshot which would show the requisition status as rejected). This would be displayed on the “Create/Authorize” screen when the table of periods is displayed. Within the table, it would say the status of the requisition is “REJECTED” if it was rejected. The current status for a requisition draft now are “Initiated”, “submitted”, “authorized”, “In_approval”, “Approved”. This contribution would add an addition status. The impacts of making this change are detailed below.

A list of changes/affected places:


· submit now allows the requisition to be both in initiated and rejected state

· reject now marks the requisition as rejected, not initiated

· delete requisition allows deletions of rejected requisitions

· periods for initiate include requisitions with the rejected state as well now

· permission checks were updated such that they allow user to work on rejected requisitions if they have initiate/submit rights

· skipping the entire requisition is possible both for the initiated and rejected status (if enabled)

· two error messages were updated to reflect the new requisition status


· skip period button is visible for the rejected state now (if enabled)

· when display periods for initiate, the UI also looks for rejected requisitions

· submit button on the requisition form is now displayed for rejected requisitions

· delete requisition button is now displayed for requisition in rejected state

· skip requisition button is now displayed for requisition in rejected state

· sync with server button is now displayed for requisition in rejected state

No impact on

· Audit logs behaves the same way it did, the only difference being the ‘REJECTED’ status being displayed, rather than ‘INITIATED’ for rejected requisitions.

· Reports since reports are run on requisitions in the “Approved” stated. We have yet to identify a report were we’d see an impact with this new status. @Ashraf please do let us know if we missed a report in our analysis.