Notes and Request for Inpu

Hello Product Committee,

Thank you for your participation on today’s meeting. Please take a moment to review the
today. Do update them if we missed anything.

Action Items

· Please watch the
on contributions

· Review the DHIS2 Implementer’s toolkit by Friday. TRACK changes or use COMMENTS. The word documents are available on
or attached to the meeting notes. Please email Tenly if you have questions or need help uploading documents to confluence or dropbox.

· For those interested, please review the following features and open questions . We will reach out directly to those who expressed interest in providing feedback verbally. Everyone is welcome to either reply to this email or leave a comment in a ticket or on the notes page. Thank you.

· Let us know if you have topic suggestions for the next meeting on August 1.

o One suggestion: Continue the conversation on DHIS2 integration

New Features with Open Questions

  • OLMIS-2833 - Add date field to Requisition form. Please read the ticket for details.

    • Is it important to have this be configurable by program? Or can we require that all requisitions will require a user to input a date.

    • If it isn’t configured, what date should OpenLMIS use? The end or beginning of each period? Thoughts?

  • Any ideas or thoughts on how we could display the requisitions status state? Has this request come up before? There are mockups in the ticket and we’d appreciate feedback on the options.

  • Low and no stock notifications. OLMIS-2861

    • How many people or who should receive such a notification?
  • CCE mock ups for adding inventory to a facility. Viewing inventory at a facility.

    • Rachel has some open questions on, see B. Manage CCE Inventory for details. Please leave your comments on the wiki page.


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