Notes from March 21 Governance + continued conversation

Hi all,

Following up with notes from the March 21 Governance Call:

And some completed and remaining actions:

  • There is now a community-internal Opportunities section on the OpenLMIS wiki, which is only viewable by OpenLMIS committee members. One opportunity has already been listed there – please feel free to add additional pages if a new implementation or funding opportunities arise: This is intended to be a collaboration space to link community members with opportunities and present their services, and to collaborate on proposals, RFP responses, etc.
  • A template for the implementation profiles is on the wiki and points-of-contact for each implementation are taking the lead:
  • **Approval for the 3.1 scope – is this our proof-of-concept for voting? **


Open questions from the meeting – respond to this thread to start the conversation on any of these topics.

  • What is the OpenLMIS policy of integrating other systems (DHIS2, OpenHIE, etc.) into the larger OpenLMIS ecosystem?
  • Veto power and voting in the Governance Charter
  • How do we decide feature prioritization for future releases?
  • When do we decide that a country-specific feature or request is useful for the global core product and how do we go about prioritizing that with the other efforts that are in place? Do we try to seek funding for that work?

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