Nov 12th Governance Meeting- Attendance strongly encouraged

Dear OpenLMIS Governance Committee members,

Our upcoming governance committee meeting on November 12th will be entirely dedicated to discussing and soliciting community feedback around the ‘future path’ options that are currently on the table. We strongly encourage your attendance at this meeting so that you can be well informed around the options that are being discussed, and hear your questions/concerns.

The meeting will include a presentation by Resonance outlining what each of these options entail, as well as a presentation by a potential future partner, IQVIA. We will also plan for a robust Q&A/discussion portion of the call.

Each partner organization will then be asked to ‘endorse’ one of the future path options in a short online survey following the call.

For anyone interested in looking back at Resonance’s work over the past year, this wiki page contains materials that they have produced as part of their research and reporting out process. We look forward to your participation in this next governance call, and your valuable feedback as always.

Best regards,
Rebecca Alban
OpenLMIS Community Manager